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What is a NIE

Whether you are an EU or non EU resident. It is a legal requirement to obtain a NIE if you are planning to live in Spain, regardless if you have a visa permit, work permit or you are a student.

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I am European and I want my NIE

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I am not European and I want my NIE

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Every person who works for a registered company in Spain is required to have a Social Security Number, called a número de afiliación de la Seguridad Social. Social Security is generally paid for by an employer. This number also helps track pensions, unemployment and sick days, as well as maternity or paternity leave.


The Empadronamiento, also known as the Padrón Municipal de Habitantes, is a municipal register or census record, similar to an electoral roll. To register on the Padrón is to “empadronarse“. For each person registered in a municipality, the Ayuntamiento (town hall) receives funding for services such as policing, health centres, cleaning and maintenance.


If you are living in Spain and you would like to start your own business or work as a freelance and issue invoices you need to register as SELF EMPLOYED (autónomo) for income tax and social security.


If you're living in Spain, banking and payments will be easier once you open a bank account in Spain, especially if you don't have a 'chip and pin' debit or credit card.


Everyone who lives in Catalonia is entitled to healthcare, regardless of their administrative status. Public healthcare is free of charge and is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health of the Catalan government.


Did you get fired and you would like to apply for “PARO”? To receive the unemployment benefit in Spain, you must have contributed to Social Security for a minimum of one year. This contributory period gives you the right to receive benefits for 120 days.


If you move from another EU country, you might want to know if you can drive here with your current licence. Do you need to exchange it for a local one? Will your licence be valid for the same period in the other country? And if it is lost or stolen, how can you prove you had a licence in your home country?


Available on request.


Available on request.

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  • “NIE.CAT provides a super fast and super convenient service for its clients. I was very satisfied with you. My associate Cathy who provided me with all the necessary information I needed to get the paperwork done and to get to the place where my NIE was issued.”

  • “Perfect, fast and stress-free. I’ve tried getting my NIE on my own but unfortunately due to an specific situation, I had trouble doing it. So, I decided to call NIE.CAT and after having had other cases like mine, they ensured me that they would be able to do it and before the deadline that I had. They helped me with Empadronamiento as well.”

  • “Finding it very hard to have a cita previa, I have contacted NIE.CAT. This organisation is very efficient, patient and the employees are adorable. Really great service for my NIE and Social Security. I will continue to use this company for other admin work and also for my family. Thank you Kathy.”


We will help you with all the necessary documents once you move to Spain.

Get your NIE number in a blink of an eye.

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