NIE in Catalunya

It is great to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world but it's even better to have somebody to guide you at the beginning of the adventure. It's Spain, it's Catalonia and things are different here.

It´s not easy if you don´t speak spanish and this is why we are here to help you.

Advise you on all necessary documents you will need to present.
Ensure that your paperwork is correct.

Arrange the appointment for you in the immigration office.
Filling in the application form.
Accompany you to the office and ensure a smooth process.

What do you need a NIE for?

Get employed
Become self-employed
Start a business
Open a bank account
Buy and sell property
Register your kids at school
Apply for a driver’s license
Phone number & Internet home
Apply for a Bicing card




(Número de identidad de extranjero) is a number written on a white piece of paper with unlimited validity consists of 1 letter at the beginning, 7 numbers and 1 letter at the end – e.g.: Y-3688609-S. Assigned for administrative purposes (purchase property, investment, tax payment, etc) the entire process and all its requirements are described here (in Spanish) not proof of residency! application by filling out the EX15 form.


(Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión). Is a little green paper card laminated on the back (previously a piece of green paper, A4 size) contains NIE number together with your name, date and birthplace, address in Spain and date of application required for stays exceeding 3 months

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A foreigner identity card is a document that identifies foreign people and by means of which they can prove that they are legally present in Spain. As a foreign citizen, you have the right and duty to apply for such a card if you have been authorised to stay or reside in Spain for over 6 months. You must apply for the card within a month of entering Spanish territory or of receiving such authorisation. Foreigner identity cards are personal and non-transferable, and have the same period of validity as the authorisation granted.

- To apply for your first NIE Card you will need to have empadronamiento in Barcelona.
- NIE Card is issued only if the residence is longer than 6 months (not with 180 days visa).
- It takes approximately one month to obtain the NIE Card after the appointment for fingerprints.

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